The Ineffable Everyday Life


In my walk through the streets on foot or by car, there is always something new to see in the city. Particularly I am interested in seeing the mundane, what happens on a daily basis, and that in that apparent insignificance, shapes that normality in our lives. People who get up every day to work, young people who go with their friends to turn around after leaving classes, places that are transformed with festivities and seasons. The normality of living in a country like Mexico where people continue their existence despite the atmosphere of chaos and generalized uncertainty that surrounds them. I look for moments that show me the peculiarity of what we might call Mexican identity, with humor, astonishment, scrutiny, as a simple spectator.

The Ineffable Everyday Life is a contemporary narration of a section of the Mexican population, primarily the working class, which shows how the days here pass between customs, family and work. The record of a display of diverse attitudes that make it possible to continue living in this ocean of contrasts and color.