Women Are

The inspiration for these portraits comes from a dark reality, feminicides occur in our society and especially mine at a troubling rising rate. Last year I realized that I had met two persons that presumably committed such a crime, how is this possible? Where is the value of our life? When being a woman is not going to be considered a crime? So many questions, and a genuine hope that will change in the future.

These portraits are about women and the way they express their personalities. We all have different characteristics, interests, ages, backgrounds, what we share is our femininity. In each portrait, I played with a concept, something odd, a bit ridiculous and maybe funny. Each woman inspired me to create around her, they all are strong and assertive. But it the background there is a ghosting image, a depiction that marks the moment someone cuts the life of a person. This is an ongoing project, and my objective is to show women in a different light, as subjects of value and respect.